• I don't see a problem with it,so long as both of you like it that way.And in my opinion you are a good person for liking to give blowjobs.
  • I've got no problem with that. Having your gf be a little dirty girl for you sometimes is nice though, you know the whole maddonna/whore complex thing.
  • I think you should try it. Men absolutely loves it when you swallow.
  • I love swallowing my bf's semen. And he loves that I do as well. But for me, it's the culmination of a wonderful act. It's like hitting a pinata, finally breaking it, and not eating the candy.
  • I am a man, yeah we are very lucky to have women at all. My wife on occasion will eat mints or something like that to help when and if she lets me cum in her mouth. I really love the fact that she does it sometimes, now here is the but part, she should do it more often. My point is when a man is going to cum he is used to that stimulation like oral, when you dont let him finish and switch to something else in all honesty it doesnt feel as satisfing. Think of it this way, if your s/o went down on you and stopped right at the height of your orgasm and just started to rub your clit do you think you would orgasm with the same deep feelings, or would you feel like I wish he would have let me cum in his mouth. I hope you understand.
  • Honestly Guys love it when they can cum in your mouth. And swallowing it is even better for a mental turn on. Personally I don't care where my cum goes as long as I'm getting off put I will say that if given the choice the mouth is where it would be. One because my orgasms are more intense if my cock is in my wifes mouth plus the mental turn on. Second, well, honestly because of being lazy and not having to clean anything up. i think my wife feel the same way. Its easier for her to swallow than clean it up off of her self.
  • Honestly, I would feel short-changed. Cheated out of the best part. Like ordering a beer and only getting the foam. In a word, selfish. I understand you think he should feel lucky you're doing it at all, but I'm sure that could be a 2-way street as well and really a piss-poor attitude. Maybe you should feel just as lucky to have him and what he does (and is willing to do) for you. There's a LOT of guys with different hang-ups and taboos as well. A lot of us will do things we might not like/enjoy just with the hope that the favor will be returned.
  • I prefer my blow jobs exactly the way you do it. I like to watch my load shoot out and to see it all in my wife's hands. It sounds like you give great head!
  • I like to go down on my husband until he climaxes. BUT that is me, and we are each different. I'm sure your husband would appreciate it if you tried to swallow, but if he is happy with the present arrangement, and you feel uncomfortable with going further, then don't! I think the best person to talk to about this is your husband.
  • I feel ya. I love giving him head but gag anytime I try and let him cum in my mouth to the point of vomiting and that to me is a dealbreaker! I lose all romance at that point but he seems happy to get an awesome bj without ending it in my mouth, Ask your s/o how he feels.

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