• 1. Only Kelloggs knows. 2. Grapes.
  • 1) "National Raisin Company is one of the largest independent raisin processors in the industry. Our 60 acre, state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of California's fertile San Joaquin Valley, processes over 100 million pounds of "The World's Cleanest Raisins" annually." Source and further information: 2) "Since the 1970s, the U. S. per-capita consumption of table grapes has grown from 2 to 8 pounds annually; and we drink 4.1 pounds of grape juice yearly. About ninety-five percent of all grapes grown in the world are the European grape (Vitis vinifera). Leading grape producing countries in order are: Italy; France; United States; Spain; Turkey and China. Ten percent of the world's grapes come from the U.S. Thirteen U.S. states list grapes as an agricultural crop. California produces 90% of all U.S. grapes - 6 million tons. About 1/5 of the world's raisins and 1/10 of its table grapes are grown in California. Nearly 85 percent of domestic grape production is processed, two-thirds of which is used for wine. More than a quarter is dried for raisin production, while less than ten percent is used for juice. Small quantities become jams, jellies and other processed foods. The United States imports close to 375,000 tons of grapes. Grape juice is exported to Canada, Japan and Korea. Grape leaves can be eaten or preserved in brine. They are commonly stuffed with rice or meat Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Ancient Egyptians dried grapes and other fruits in the sun, and may even have buried them under the hot desert sands to dry. In the 1970s, a heat wave in California turned the San Joaquin Valley grape crop into raisins, starting a production trend there. This area now produces 95 percent of the U.S. raisin crop. However, the world's leading exporter of raisins is Turkey. It takes four-and-a-half pounds of grapes to make one pound of raisins. Most U.S. raisins are dried, Thompson Seedless grapes, although some come from Black Corinth and Muscat. Sun-dried raisins turn a dark, reddish brown after grapes dry for two to three weeks outdoors in the sun. To make golden raisins, grapes are washed and placed indoors on wooden trays. Warm air blows on the grapes for 24 hour; once dry sulfur dioxide is applied. Information gathered from: " Source and further information: 3) Further information: California raisins commercial

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