• That's a lot of names for someone named "Anonymous." But yes, you can alter your name to your own preferences. However, it may cost a bit. :0)
  • When you remarry you should drop your ex-husband's name. Use your maiden name if you wish. Exception: Your ex is an historical personage. Legally you can do anything you like, but one must do the right thing. You can certainly use your grandmother's name as a first name, but if I were you, I would have it changed legally.
  • Many people use this name combination, after a divorce. It kind of "clears the air" from a bad marriage. The only problem is the legality involved. Legally, you cannot change your name, without a courts approval. For future reference, when its time for you to collect your Social Security, you are going to have to prove exactly who you were, in order to collect benefits. this is something to think about.
  • For shame! You should not have gotten divorced. You can still remarry your ex-husband. In that case youwouldn't have to worry about what name to call yourself. Read your Bible. All answers are there.
  • Keep it simple what ever you do. Consider your new husband's feelings. Brevity is the soul of wit, you know.
  • By now you must have made a decision. What was it?
  • One must make descions in life this is a no "brainer" unless you are trying to hide something or get something. One can change their name but never their SSN # the Name change has to be aproved by a court you can only change your SSN# if you are in he wittness protection program.
  • At least give him half of it back. It is demeaning and identity threatening to walk around with no surname.What is a matter with these divorce judges giving guys surnames away like this.
  • Have you noticed this question is a 1 1/2 years old??? She may even be divorced again by now! (I hope not)

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