• Well since two of your materials respond poorly to acidic solutions (pearls and silver) don't use vinegar. I suspect other acidic cleaners would also cause a problem. My thought is if the stones are not set with glue, but rather bezel mounted, and no finishes like stains are used a bath in alcohol might be the thing to remove the deposits. WARNING: some natural semiprecious stones are oil treated and alcohol is not the right choice for these unless you are VERY cautious to prevent contact between the solvent and the stone. The stones I remember in this category are some opals, agates (esp. fire agate) and maybe emerald, but that is getting into the precious stone range. Just out of curiousty is it the jewelery that has absorbed the scent, or is it the display backs and cases? Porous materials like cloth & foam display boards; and even unfinished wood frames can get odors more readily than non porous metals and polished stones.

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