• oooh! congratulations! I can see by your icon you're another cat lover. ;D remember, you can't go wrong with cat paintings! everyone loves them and they are a great conversation starter. try
  • you can do it slowly, yard sale and swap meets are good places for furniture. craig's list is good when there is a picture. i had to have shelves and a desk. then a bed and a dresser. then a kitchen table and chairs. if you want company, then you have to decorate for company or just be yourself and let the company realize that.
  • decorare it like i decorate my entire three bedroom house, with clothes. clean dirty winter summer fall doesnt matter my theory is keep them out in the open and they are easier to find. saves time folding too!
  • The easiest way to discover "your style" in other words what you would be comfortable living with is to either purchase some home design/decorating magazines or go to the library and flip through the pages. Every time a picture comes up which catches your eye, put a little flag on the page. Do this over and over until you have gone through a number of magazines. Then go back and check out all the flagged pages. You will discover that there was a color or style which repeated itself in your flagged pages. That's what you would like to live in. Good luck. Fun times ahead.
  • however you want to decorate it
  • You decorate it anyway YOU like it, because YOU are a a grown up living in the real world and can make your own choices.
  • whichever way you want to decorate it

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