• After looking at many of your questions, you seriously are stuck in the 1980's: Go with Hulkamania art using red and yellow colors. 💪
  • appetite for destruction playing on the cassete player a gnr poster on 1 wall a Niel Bonnet Pointac poster and modle car on another wall a tawny kitaen, picture from Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again' Video. somewhere to hide a bong and mix and make sure you blow it out the window. A can of fart gas .
  • An IBM PS/2 PC with a dot matrix printer on a woodgrain desk with an uncomfortable brown office chair. A half-consumed bottle of cherry pepsi. An ashtray someone's niece or nephew made in art class in 5th grade - if you are a smoker, it shall be filled with cigarette butts, if not, Werther's caramels. A bottle of cheap cologne/perfume. Those clothes hangers with the thick cushions on them, and, of course, all of the clothing items hanging from them must have shoulder pads. A mechanical alarm clock, but not too cartoony-looking- one with a kind of rounded-off rectangular face, but it has to be loud as hell. And, of course, an ugly lamp. Optional - a boom box, a pile of cassette tapes, a stuffed toy (pound purry, pound puppy, pillow people, or cabbage patch for bonus points), an NES (nintendo) or Sega Master System (or Atari 2600 if you were poor), and, if you were a geek like me, a Rubik's Cube (those had stopped being cool by then).
  • Search on the net for photographs of bedrooms in late 80s decor
  • Thrift shops and garage sales is the place to find that sort of stuff. 9/7/23

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