• Look it up online. I'm sure there are a lot of decorating sites online and groups, too. Are you on FB? There are probably pages there or maybe pintrest. Google it! I'm sure you'll find a lot of information that can help you. Oh, probably youtube as well! Youtube has videos on everything! And take a class on decorating! You might be able to find one online.
  • Hello. You should buy vintage type wallpaper and have carpets instead of modern floors. You can also find lighting for example 80s lightning theme like in the movies along with vintage furniture from from the 80s.If you love 80s lifestyle and music,You could buy 80s bands music posters,80s car pictures or 80s city themes for example..Paris poster 1985. All these added will give you or somebody a very retro feel to the room.
  • Choose another year.
  • Let it all out like the Teen Wolf.
  • find a Back to the Future poster and play the power of love by Hewy Lewis and the News

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