• Your s/o should tell his son that they now have a woman living with them and explain to him that it is not polite to go into your room without permission, regardless if you are in there or not. That is a big rule in my house, nobody other than me or my husband is allowed to go upstairs where our room is without asking permission first.
  • Put a sign around your door knob asking to knock?
  • You need to have a conversation with your s/o and HE needs to set the groundrules with his son. If your s/o respects how you feel he will enforce it.
  • Your s/o needs to have a talk with his son. However, old habits will be hard to break, so cut him some slack for the learning curve. Maybe keep your doors locked when you need privacy.
  • you have no right as he isn't your son, ask his father to bring it up with him, i thought most kids were brought up to knock on a door any way! lol, can totally understand the lack of privacy being an issue, make sure though that when the rules are raised that the boy has his own privacy also, and that you or his father in turn knock on his door before entering.
  • just ask him to knock

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