• Le Fin Absolue du Monde
  • kinda :) i haven't so much time to watch television, neither films but i could enjoy. france has been one of my interest sice about a couple of years... some people i know and parents, they are quite french people i'd say, and even the french language is really an iteresting one. i do not really have a preferite film through hehe ^___^
  • Even though I had 4 years of French, the only movie I remember with subtitles in French was "Jules et Jim". I liked it a lot. I'm sure I saw others, either dubbed or with subtitles. But I didn't see that many. It is rather annoying to me to have to read subtitles..dubbed movies are even worse..the words they use are not in sync with the dubbed words..and the people they choose often have voices that are quite ridiculous! What is your favorite French movie? :)
  • I love French horror movies, they really know how to whip up something disturbing, and with plenty of style. Also, they're not shy with gore, at all. Favourites so far are A l'intérieur and Frontières.
  • Le Pacte Des Loups... Mm. It's actually one of my favourite movies. Paris, je t'aime also.
  • There are three: Jean de Florette / Mannon of the Spring Tell No One

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