• i would move on, men can be weird and since he didn't have the balls to tell you he was ashamed to tell he had to have some embarrassment
  • start by forcing yourself to stop considering him your boyfriend... then go get him off your mind. Go shopping, or date around, or do charity work...anything to fill the void with something other than him.
  • You kick him in the nuts as hard as you can and hope he can no longer reproduce :)
  • OMG Jenn - I cannot even tell you just how sad this is - we are here for you!!
  • Your better than he is, say NEXT!!!
  • same as me...cry it out, stop feeling stupid for trusting him and move on
  • Forget him! He's not worth it. He sounds like a complete loser. Any guy that would do that to you is not worth your time. I know it's easier said than done to forget him but trust me, you're better off without him. Find things to do that will distract you from him. Hang out with friends, buy yourself something nice, try something new. Helping others can also make you feel better. You could do some charity work or stick around here and offer advice to people.
  • So sorry to hear that. What a jerk! You will get over this, and you're going to be just fine! Now, in the meantime... entertain yourself with some really horribly bizarre revenge fantasies for awhile, crank up your favorite song and dance in your living room, surround yourself with your most caring girlfriends, have a drink or three, eat lots of ice cream and chocolate, and most of all, give yourself time to heal. You're going to get through this. Hang in there. =)
  • just move on.
  • Do you have access to his stuff? Get a vibrator and gay porn and put it somewhere where it would be 'hidden', but that it would be likely the other girl would see it. And then walk away smiling and let it go. I usually don't go for revenge, but ball less men piss me off.
  • Please tell me you broke up with him before he moved in with her, and why was your mom apart of the need to know crowd. I would be pissed off at my mom and his mom because they are making matters worse for you. Something are better left unsaid and we are usually more hurt when we find out the truth. Sometimes I would rather live in denial and know some things I have found out about ex bf's. It makes me feel better if they are misrable. There relationship probably wont work anyway beacuse its based on lies and deception.
  • Give yourself time to heal and after the grieving you will come out stronger for it. The more you think you loved him the longer it will take for the delusion to fade. Sorry for what youre going thru mate but you will survive this treachery and be grateful he left you because your soulmate is looking for you too. Cheers
  • stop worrying about the coward anymore and move on. if he didn't even have the decency to tell you to your face then why waste your tears on him because he evidently hasn't on you. Sounds to me like you've had the better deal anyway! and until he yet again finds somebody else more attractive or however he sees it, the next girl will forever be wondering if she can trust him because he left you for her, so will he do the same to her aswell? not your problem anymore. Console yourself with the fact that you no longer have to see his face anymore. He's hurt you deep inside so don't cry over him or give him a chance to come crawling back.
  • I'm sorry Jen. There really isn't anything you can do but grieve, get angry and then move on.
  • You don't want to be with anyone who would do that to you. It really is better this way. Relationships like his new one never turn out good, and he's in for a lot of pain, himself.
  • Oh Jen... ((HUGS)) This happened to me just recently, and I was devastated. For a few weeks I was so angry with him, I couldn't let it go. I didn't know why or what I'd done to make it happen - I knew he'd lied to me for weeks beforehand, and in the reason for our break-up, and then I could see him flaunting the new woman all over the place. Then she blew him out and it was his turn to be devastated. We have talked, he says he's very sorry for what he did and doesn't really know why, but I haven't forgiven him, and I'll never forget. Now, I've found someone I can talk to more openly and with more humour, and we are getting closer every day. I'm cautious, but hopeful. I didn't want it, I wasn't looking for it, but it just happened, and I'm grateful to know that bad experience didn't make me hard and bitter. You will too, Jen. Don't feel too sad for too long over that worthless excuse for manhood. You are a great lady, and you will see that love will find you when you least expect it. Chin up, babygirl, and keep smiling :) ((HUGS)) ♥♥♥
  • I really like bubblegum89's answer!! Need a couple of us to come by and hold him for you? (((HUGS))) What can you do? It's hard, but you need to close him out of your mind! He is a piece of crap! He doesn't deserve you! He will pay for this! Cheaters never win.
  • You forget about the creep. He is obviously a boy and not a real man, therefore not worth a single tear. Be selfish and enjoy yourself with friends and treat yourself too. Believe me you will heal sooner than you think. What a t*at! good luck, keep your head up and stay strong.
  • As Dan Savage would say, DTMFA (dump the XXXXXX XXXXXX already) and move on. You can and should do better. Don't lose your ability to trust and feel because one person is an ass.
  • it's simple just go to both of them and say as many abuses as you can.... after all your bf deserve this.... and believe me once you've done this you will feel relieved and don't ever try to cry for such a loser who don't have the courage to tell you the truth.... so go and scold him as hard as you can if possible in front of her new gf....... best of luck :)
  • omg jen i'm so god what would i do? realistically i'd cry my ass off with my best friends over coffee and ice cream. then go get whatever crap he had of mine. perhaps beat him with a cane. what's his mom saying about this? aw girl iono wat to even say other than you know you're gonna get through it somehow and just get your support group with you. bring on the water works the road rage and then the resolution comes with time </3
  • Thank your lucky stars you didn't marry the ball-less wonder.
  • move forward with your life, be positive and good things will come your way
  • somehow you destroy his life without him being able to lead it back to you... for example if he works go to his place of work and poor liquid bleach not the watery kind but the lotion type bleach all over his car as it sits in the sun all day it will eat thru the paint, also if he and his new lover move in together send annoyomous notes/cards with a special note saying "i had so much fun last night cant wait until next time" stuff that you know she might check and open in the mail to ruin their relatinship but not for the purpose of you gettin back with him you can do better but he needs to burn and you need to enjoy watching..

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