• You call her, and tell her that if she's still available, you'd love to pick her up at 8:00 for dinner at ___________, followed by _________. Of course you would have reservations made ahead of time. Have a plan, man!
  • In the inmortal paraphrased words of Nat King Cole: "forgettable, that's what you are"
  • It be a couple things, she is avoiding you, her phone accidently got shut off in her purse, or she scared to meet you and doesnt know how to handle it. You could text her ans say I will pick you up at 7:00 for dinner, if that time isnt convenient please let me know.
  • Make other plans if you want to... don't count on her, it sounds like she was just saying what you wanted to hear initially and is now avoiding you ...HOWEVER, who would turn OFF their mobile altogether? Yes, this is a conundrum. However, I have found more so lately that men are just saying what the woman wants to hear ... and I'm thinking it goes both ways. Stupid, but easier than admitting you really don't feel a connection, I think.
  • You make other plans, she's not interested in Wednesday.
  • i like Lady Alathia's answer about having a plan (that can be key), because if you were dancing around having dinner (or maybe not), that's just annoying... she has to have plans for dinner whether it be with or without you; perhaps you didn't settle everything like you should have (HAD A PLAN, MAN)
  • I would immediately file a missing person report, as no woman would be dumb enough to miss a date with me.

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