• I would find another MD. There is no reason why they can't remove the one bad ovary and everything else remain in tact. that's stupid. you are young but it's not like they are doing a hysterectomy. you can still have a child. They did a hysterectomy on me at 30 and I had to argue with them about it them because I was too young (and I had been hemorraghing for 2 years). A lot of MD's would rather treat rather than cure. The more surgeries he does, the more $ he makes but at your expense. I would keep looking for a doctor who was willing to take it out. As long as you understand the risks, they are supposed to do what you want. There are MD's out there but you have to find them. Doctors only care about money ..not your pain..not your inconvienance..Keep looking..if you have to use 10 MD's to find one..use 10..
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Sorry to hear of your discomfort and lack of progress. first of all, my response is comming from a dad whose daughter had expeienced the same issue. after repeated visits to docs, i learned that the cycst were more prevalent when she was starting her period and the pain was preventing her from a normal college life. what we eventually learned, and forgive me as i dont know the name of the med, but was prescribed to take monthly shots that prevented her from her monthly periods, thus eliminating her cysts. as the doc further explained, this shot put her body in what might be described as a pre change of life mode. the shots were given for a six month period, and thankfully it has worked out for her. five years later, she has very little discomfort, or so that what is she is telling me. one thing she also had checked out, is endodemetriosis ( i know i spelled this wrong). the doc found this was also a problem, and that it caused more pain than the cysts. She had this corected too. For you my friend, find a doc who is willing to sit down and talk to you and learn about what your body is saying. There really is help out there! good luck to you
  • maybe you should see another doctor, you might find one thats more willing to take your ovaries out
  • see another doctor that would be willing to do it

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