• Yes. That is plain greedy. I guess State and Local Governments are feeling the pinch, too.
  • Yes that is greedy and a bit wrong if you ask me. I always thought that parking meters were wrong to begin with. Many places demand you pay road tax you should not also be made to pay a fee to park on a it as well.
  • I heard that, too. I guess you can't leave a random 0.25 cents, but we can still add quarters to anyone we see with an overdue meter. A small bit of revenge, but revenge nonetheless.
  • It should be illegal as the space and time have been PAID for, regardless of who is parked there.
  • Awww, geez, what is the world coming to? That's greedy. I hope they at least use the money to help the citizens of the town. Doubtful, but one can aways hope.
  • everybody is getting greedy today. It's government what else can you expect.? I totally disagree with parking meters at all . If we have to pay to park, we should not have to pay road taxes. I think it's sad that if your meter expires 1 minute, you get a ticket, but they won't allow you to "share" a minute for someone else.
  • Wow, that is some serious BS. If they're going to do that, they should have at least installed some kind of mechanism that refunds your unused money when you're done with the meter. Yes, it is just plain greedy, and I don't think people are going to be very happy about it, in principle. Many years ago I read about how Coke vending machines were doing something similar: They were planning to install temperature gauges in the vending machines that raised the price of a can of soda proportionally to the air temperature. So, for example, if it's 50 degrees outside, a Coke costs 75 cents. If it's 102, the machine raises the price to $2.00. Shameful.
  • Just another way for our wonderful government to get as much money out of us as possible. That is just not right!!
  • sure you dont hae any Brits ruling your country? here you have to type the numbers of your licence plate when you pay for a ticket so you cant pass it on, bad
  • Wow! They squeeze the quarter so tight the eagle leaves a mess! Glad I don't live there
  • Cheap fockers.

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