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  • I think you need to prepare yourself that you will eventually let this guy down. I would follow through with the meet and greet though. Maybe there's a chemistry that can be found other then on the net? If you can't see yourself with this guy other than being a friend then you'll eventually figure a way to tell him. Him telling other people that he gets blown off regularly doesnt sit well and seems to be a ploy for desperation which is unsettling in itself. Good luck and now is a good time to brush up on your confrontation skills.
  • Meet him and see what happens. Even if there is no intimate spark, you don't have to blow him off. If you liked him from your interaction on the net, then you shouldn't have any problem becoming fast friends. He may even become a valuable friend.
  • how bout startin with not being so shallow? follow up with acting like a decent human.
  • If you liked him a lot before you saw the photos, you should go and just see what happens. If you didn't, then, well, blow him off.
  • Never judge a book by it's cover. Beauty is only skin deep, give him an honest chance ... a second look may prove that he reall is what you are looking for. If you really find that you don't want to continue a friendship with him, be honest and let him down easy.
  • Do not go if you are uncomfortable.
  • You just have to be very nice, but be warned because it seems as if he is in a fragile position emotionally. However, do you like his personality? If you do, then you might be able to get past the looks. For example, (this seems like I am bragging but I'm trying to not let it come out that way! I just want to give an example) my boyfriend is TOTALLY not who I thought my type was. I was more into blue eyed blonde kinda dudes but he is a tall gangling dark hair, dark eyes awkward kinda geeky guy but somehow we are vibing really well. So if you would want to be with his personality, you may be surprised at how well you guys could work out. :)

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