• well, it doesn't seem petty to me. before you break it off completely, maybe you should have a serious conversation with him about your frustrations and see what he says. if he doesn't think anything is wrong, it's time to move on. when i need to relax, i go to a boxing or kickboxing class. it feels good to hit stuff to let rage out feel better
  • you should start getting busier become involved in something you like and then you wont notice as much. then when you two see each other it will be exciting, maybe
  • Anyone in a long-term relationship go throught this before?
  • Have you considered that the relationship might have very little to do with how you're feeling and is just a convenient thing to blame?
  • In all life matters, including relationships, usually our "gut" or first instincts are correct. You stated that you "feel like breaking it off". Well, your feeling is telling you exactly what your relationship is giving to you or what you are getting out of it. You would not feel like breaking it off if your relationship was going good or great. And that is a fact. The fact that someone hasn't done "anything wrong" is not always a factor in really judging what is happening. First, the person is "busier and has less time for me". That is a lot of something. When a person gets busier and does not have a lot of time for you, this could be normal, however, once you talk it over with the person and they have no valid reason for the lack of time, then it is something to look into. Once you express your feelings, the two of you should be able to talk it over. After talking it over, listen to your first gut instinct. Your intuition, your feelings will make the right decision for you. If the person has no time for you, then why would you want to give your time to them? It's different if there are emergencies, real emergencies, those things take time, and then a person would have less time. But if, after talking, you see absolutely no valid reason for the lack of time, then you might want to go with your first "feeling". Like you said, you feel like breaking it off. So, first, pause, look into the situation, evaluate everything. Make a list of pros and cons of the relationship. Make a list of the plus and minuses. Make a list of the "good" and "bad". Once the bad starts overshadowing the good, you will know instinctively what to do with your own situation. Above all, do nothing in haste, and do nothing in an emotional state. Always make your decisions in calmness, not out of anger. And, always make your decisions in the daytime, daylight hours, (Unless you work midnight to eight). I cannot express this enough, if you "feel" like something is wrong, then something is "probably" wrong. Time will tell what it is. As for general rules, never have a relationship with someone who has to "hide" you, keep your relationship a secret, and or with someone who you feel is using you. Never have a relationship with someone who continues to abuse you, even if that abuse is verbal or emotional. None of that works. So by staying away from those three things, you have a head start in the relationship area. Peace.

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