• u should weigh first thing upon rising in the morning..u weigh less. I always weigh at least 2-3 pounds more if I weigh at night.
  • I weight the least when I lay down on my new sleep number bed. It feels as if I am floating on air.... OH, I am floating on a cushion of air. You too can take advantage of this limited time sale...wait a think maybe they are hypnotizing me while I sleep. This afternoon, I showed up at an old folks home and gave a 3 hour presentaion on the benifits of my new bed. Funny thing is, I don't remember how I got there and where did all the full color charts and graphs come from? I have also had a sudden craving for jalapeno fritos since I got it. Maybe I should call somebody?
  • Early morning because all night long u have fasted
  • Me personally? Each morning I have two cups of coffee which, to put it delicately, "flushes" me out. Then I take my shower. Before that shower I weigh myself. So that's when I'm at my most skinniest each day. :)
  • I weigh the least after rising in the morning (after having visited the restroom)....
  • Okay. Everyone can hate me for this, but it is true. If all other influences were removed (loss of body fluids, etc.), one would weigh slightly more when the moon was directly overhead. Kinda like the impact it has on the tides. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the dearth of details in my question, only the abundance of silliness in my answers.

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