• you can see the wind you can feel the wind
  • God never, ever knocked a tree over and broke my neighbors roof, only the wind has done that.
    • jenjo
      Damn nature you scary xD
  • you can feel the wind, you can hear the wind, you can see it's effects upon objects, you can determine it's speed, it's direction, it's temperature. under spectronomer air and air movement can be seen. You can measure it's chemical make up. can you do any of those things to prove the existence of a god? no.
  • The wind is something you can't see but you know is there. Kind of like germs.... you can't see them, but there are millions of tiny reasons you wouldn't want to lick door knobs. I don't know if my analogy helped at all, but I do believe in God, the wind, and nasty little germs.
    • Moongrim
      We can see germs with an instrument called a microscope. What instrument should I use to see this god of yours?
  • Certainly I can.You can physically feel it, see it if you introduce some thing like smoke into an area the event is occuring.Tell you the process of the changeng air masses that causes it, and even use a weather intsrument (anometer, wind sock, or weather vane) to tell you it's speed and direction.As for an imaginary man in the sky, your on your own finding proof for that.
  • Im not sure how to actually prove it to you other than that you can see it, feel it, hear it, know when low pressure systems are coming in, or high systems, what wind velocity they have on board, which way the wind is travelling from, where it is going to, that is all obvious and real, so what more is needed to prove it...............
  • I like to use the following instead of wind. If you think about it, there is more proof that God exists that there is that any of the following exist: • Love • Friendship • Patriotism • Duty • Community • Fidelity • Courage • And the like You know they are there, but can you prove it? I think that there is no actual proof of God because God does not want there to be proof. It is a challenge to our (God-given) faith and reason. Jesus said to him (Thomas), "Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed." I am not really wise enough to make a good case. Here is a Reflection on God's Existence by Pope John Paul II: With love in Christ.
    • Moongrim
      By your own Logic- all of the other Gods ever worshipped are just as real.
  • 3-25-2017 Science is anything that can be measured. Spirit is anything that can not be measured. Science is powered by logic and evidence. Spirit is powered by believing and wisdom. No connection. Stop trying to prove or disprove spiritual things with science.
  • The dancing branches of a tree. No to the second question. Belief is like putting a transparency on an overhead projector. You see what you want to see through your personal filter. Do you need to believe in water for it to quench your thirst?
  • You cannot SEE wind [ air ] but you sure can notice its EFFECTS...Such as in the damage during cyclones...[ southern hemisphere ] Jehovah is like cannot [ literally ] SEE him but his effects are plain... IF you are obedient, your life is mainly smooth...but even Jesus said to NOT take his people OUT of this system but to protect them... (Proverbs 18:10) The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous one runs and receives protection. (John 17:15)
  • I`ll fart in your face, that`ll prove beyond all doubt that wind exists.
    • beaker95
      But, then, your existence would be short-lived....
    • Moongrim
      Shortlived- but still demonstrable.
  • Our very lives depend directly upon something we cannot see! What is that? The air we breathe. Without it, we would die in a few minutes. We cannot see the air, but we certainly know that it exists. If you were to hold your breath for sixty seconds, you would appreciate very quickly the air that you cannot see. We cannot see the wind either, but we do see trees waving in the breeze, and ocean waves tossed about by the wind
    • Roaring
      Eloquent! Love your description
    • Roaring
      I noticed you have answered many questions and not asked one. I am curious what that/those question(s) would be?
    • evj2017
      Thank you for noticing. I will ask one when I can think of something that will generate good conversation. :)
  • Proving the existence of one requires some science. The other requires nothing more than faith.
    • Moongrim
      And yet so many other religious adherents have faith too.
  • If you stand next to a politician while he or she is speaking ... you will surely feel the hot air wind breezing by.
    • Ice man
      Ain't that a fact. ; )
  • The wind needs no answer. Romans 1:20 states that it is inexcusable not to believe in God as we look or study creation . Please look at the fine tuning of the Four Fundamental Physical Forces 1.Gravity-a very weak force on the level of atoms. It affects large objects-planets,stars,galaxies. 2. Electromagnetism-the key attracting force between protons and electrons, allowing molecules to form. This force is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times that of gravity This force has to be exact as it work with the other forces. 3. Strong nuclear force- which glues protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of the atom. It too has to be exact. 4. Weak nuclear force- the force that governs the decay of radioactive elements and the efficient thermonuclear activity of the sun. The fine tuning did not just happen by chance, but is the work of a very intelligent designer - GOD. Study the human body and how complicated it is and still say we came from soup!
    • Moongrim
      You still haven't proved the existence of any god.
  • Blows in your face- satisfied? Now- show me your god.
  • 4-7-2017 John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

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