• I am an Atheist. I think it is possible that there is "life" on other planets. But I would also point out that our concept of life is based on what goes on on our planet and that there my be equivalent systems functioning as close as the moon that we wouldn't even recognise as life. For example, who is to say that the universe itself, in the sense of the movements of the planets, is not a life form. We assume that water is required for life but this is only for our concept of life, which may be fundamentally different from other life forms, that we may not be able to begin to comprehend.
  • I am a Christian. I think it's entirely possible there's life elsewhere in this universe. I don't really worry about it, though - I see it as one of those "unlearned questions" the Bible tells us to avoid. My view on most of that is "If there is or not, how does it affect me trying to live the Faith?" The answer: it doesn't. ((P.S. I'm not attacking your question - it's a good one. I'm just expressing my view on it.))
  • Im a Christian. Not only is it possible to have life on other planets, but I think it is also probable given the vastness of our universe. It seems that conditions could be condusive for life, however simple or complex, SOMEWHERE out there amongst the billions and billions of stars. I DEFINITELY believe in the creator though... look around... all of this couldnt have just risen up from the ashes.
  • I am Christian and no I don't really think there is life on other planets.
  • Atheist - yes, the laws of probability suggest there is life outside of our solar system.
  • i am a christian and i believe it's possible to have life on other planets outside of our solar system. but acknowledging that gives way to doubts that also make me wonder if there arent. i mean, jesus came to our planet to save us. acting under the belief that there is only one god, it makes me wonder if He sent his son (Jesus) to every one of these other planets to die over and over again, if he has other sons, or if there is no other life outside of earth. i don't know. but, then again, i am not god and i am not supposed to know. we can't understand him
  • Why aren't other religions allowed to answer?
  • I do believe there is something else out there, somewhere. I am not a religious person.
  • Well it's like this, I'm not any religion. To me the mere thought of believing in what any one religion believes is "the answer" is naive. Truly, just the fact that there are multiple religions, makes it seem impossible that any of them are right. There were plenty of religions around before Christianity. And those people were closer to god, it was their whole life. I do believe in a great being, however. As for life on other planets, well, Metrodoros said it best. "To consider the earth as the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to assert that in an entire field sown with millet only one grain will grow." Thank you for your time.
  • I am a scientist that sees no evidence for the existence of God. Given the vast size of, and variation in, the universe life is almost an inevitability. The probabilities are that it is almost a certainty for other life to exist in the universe that is entirely unrelated to us. It may even have an entirely different chemistry, depending on what substances function as solvents in their particular environment. Life is essentially the ability of organisms to harness energy from the environment and use it to make copies of themselves. Given time and selective pressure life will adapt and evolve where ever it can under the conditions that exist and to the level of organization that conditions select for. Some times people argue about how strange it is that we seem to be in the only place that we have found that can support 'life as we know it'. Of course the answer is that we fit here because we evolved here. Other lifeforms will have evolved to fit the environment where they evolved as well.
  • I'm a Christian. I have no idea. We've sent enough astronauts up there and explorers and they have found nothing, unless they are keeping it secret from us.
  • I would have to say that, given the vastness of space and the sheer volume of stars, many of which have been shown to have planets in orbit around them, life elsewhere is an almost certainty. I'm a Christian.
  • I am a Catholic and I do believe there is life on other planets. With the amount of galaxies and planets within those galaxies, statistically, there has to be life on other planets.
  • "Hypotheses Non Fingo" But unlike Sir Isaac, I am an atheist.
  • Atheist - Probability says that there must be life outside of our solar system. I think it would be the height of conceit to think that we are unique in the Universe.
  • I'm an agnostic. I've heard that there are billions of galaxies in the known universe and that there are billions of stars (potential stellar systems) in each galaxy. Mathematically that means that there are anywhere from 1 quintillion to 1 sextillion (10^18 to 10^21 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the universe. The odds are that at least some of them have life.
  • I am a christian and I think that there probably is. At what stage other life may be at I don't know and I don't know as to whether we would even recognise it either. The universe is infinite and God is infinite in His wisdom.
  • ... neither Christian, nor atheist ... I am a Tao-Zen Buddhist ... ... I have 5 university science degrees, including a Ph.D. in math, and Masters degrees in Astronomy & Cosmology ... I am a very logical person ... for my Ph.D. thesis, I was asked to attempt to either prove or disprove the existence of God with math ... all I could do was prove that there is no such thing as Chaos with just under a thousand pages of detailed examples and equations in a work entitled, "The Fundamental Laws of Chaos Dynamics", only neat, precise, order to the entire universe, with increasingly complex patterns ... while this does nothing to prove there either is or is not a God, it does imply the possibility of an intelligent design to the universe ... therefore I have a belief that there is some sort of "Great Maker" ... but I feel that Jesus was just a mortal human prophet, and not a God ... I am also a believer that there is most probably some sort of life beyond Earth's solar system ... possibly nearby, possibly only in distant galaxies ... but I believe it is out there some where.
  • Agnostic Of course, the question is not life but intelligent life.

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