• I'd advice against any "I made $30K in a month doing nothing", the web is full of resources about what's behind those "work from home" programs.
  • They are all bogus. In my younger and stupider days I tried a couple. You send them $30 for a list you never get. don't fall for it!!
  • Unless your a big drugdealer its bogus
  • I have tried for a long time to find a way to work from home and it is just not possible. You could try to start some sort of small business, but unless it is something you enjoy, it is not worth it and no way would you make this much per month.
  • I have never given those ads any thought - they sound bogus and I don't have to time to be jerked around like that. I work from home, but simply because I worked for a company for several years and was very productive. When I quit, they knew me well enough to trust that I would be a reliable contractor, working out of my own office. It helped me start my own small business as an independent contractor and through word of mouth, I have been lucky enough to pick up other clients. I will say this, I do not have the kind of steady paycheck that you get from working in a more traditional situation, which is the big down-side of the deal.
  • 1) Here is some advice about the work from home scams: "Contact details are solely an email address, mobile phone number or a PO Box. There are no details of exactly what is involved with the scheme. The promise of large amounts of money for little work. There’s an up-front fee to pay before you receive any more details. You are asked to transfer money into and from your bank account – this is thinly disguised money laundering." 2) A kind of elaborate scam (in my opinion) can be found here: 3) here are some ways to find legitimate work from home offers (but be sure you won't earn 30,000 $ a month): 4) you can also buid your own business (no franchising). Here some advice: "How To Be Productive Working From Home" 5) if your boss allows you to work from home, at least sometimes, it is also a good possibility.
  • 30,00 a month, huh? Can I get that in writing?
  • Avon maybe, I don't know about 30,000 a month but I think you could make a couple of extra bucks on the side selling it.
  • You would need to start your own business or become a writer to be able to work from home and make that money.
  • There's some "work from home" sites that are legitimate.
  • If those ads were real: (1) would they have to advertise them on late night tv; and (2) wouldn't everybody be working one of them jobs instead of being unemployed or busting their asses for some slave rider?
  • i love working from home ! but i am working for one of the biggest international companies. they set me up with computer, phone, and even pay my internet bill. i started out on site and when company started home office i jumped on it !
  • Working from home and those scams are two different ways to work from home. I did it for 2 years with a reputable company with people I had formerly worked with and knew. I would never trust a work from home make tons of money scam. Of course they are bogus. They are waiting for the suckers that are born every minute.
  • "picture my amazement when, after leaving my laptop switched on overnight, I awoke to discover that I had earned more than my entire street makes in a year. AND I LIVE ON WALL STREET!" Where do I sign?!?!?!?!?!
  • not that i know of or i wouldve been doing it

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