• ????? Find a new one.
  • Find a new job. Or see an occupational hypnotherapist. Or set the building on fire. But I don't recommend that last one.
  • Either get a new job or try to make the best of your situation. Try smiling. I know it sounds kind of goofy, but it's kind of impossible to be in a bad mood when you are smiling. Even if it's a fake one.
  • Try self-suggestion. Tell yourself as often as you can that you LOVE your job, with a loud voice. Good luck!!
  • Start hunting for another and better job, and if you can, don't quit this one until you get a new one. Most places hold back a week or two on payday, and you still have bills to pay. No one should stay at a job that they don't like, it just makes life hell. I wish you the best of luck !!
  • life is too short to do something you hate. get another job as soon as you can!! something you LOVE!

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