• I use their name when I'm talking with them in the beginning of the conversation.
  • I never remember names. Its horrible. I think I am name blind.
  • Sometimes, when im nervous, at a meeting or something! I hope they dont notice! LOL
  • I usually forget their name and then feel awful about it... But, for acquaintances whose names I DO remember, no. Greetings, maybe. Goodbyes, rarely ever...
  • I rarely ever mention their name while talking to them as I feel they are aware of who they are. To come and think about it I rarely ever say their name at greetings or good-byes. The only time I can think of using their name is when I am speaking to another person about them.
  • I don't make it a point to use their name because when people use my name repeatedly during conversation it seems as though they're trying to sell me something. I find it creepy most of the time.
  • Yes, Galeanda, I do. I think, you might have noticed when I answered questions. It is good etiquette.
  • No i don't to me i think it is weird to say their name a lot so i usually use like pet names like dude, hun, babe and stuff...i don't say their name for a hello and a good bye...i only say their name if i need to get their attention.
  • Hi Galeanda. This is a good question. You know I have done both. But in my personal experience...and since you asked Galeanda, I have to say that when I use the person's name in the conversation it does help me remember their name later. Anyway, I like your name Galeanda.
  • You know, I don't use other people's names often, but thinking about it, i realise i use it a lot when I'm writing dialogue.
  • I would say with adults, I use their names occasionally though with my kids, I feel like I'm saying it all day long! :)
  • I use their name when I want to mesmerize them,Galenada.Lol!
  • For business, I use their name mostly at the beginning and end of the conversation to let them know that I remember their name. At home I hardly ever actually use their names, it usually some nickname I've made up for them.
  • I usually only use names when I want them to pay more attention. I also tend to include their name in my next sentence if they say mine. Sometimes I'll randomly use the name just to keep things interesting, but not very often.
  • hi galeanda it can become a bit patronising galeanda if ppl say your name to often galeanda, dont y'think ha
  • Usually only during greetings and goodbyes.
  • Personally, I feel that it's very condescending when someone uses my name over and over, I feel like I'm in trouble.
  • i dont remeber names just faces...might use nicknames and all but to use her name i dont understand but it feels kinda weird, like noone calls me by my name unless theyre serious ...but to answer the question i'd use their name at first but then trail off with a'hey' or 'so, um'...i wonder hey the other side feels when i dont sau her name hmmm
  • I'm bad with names. I use them only in greetings and goodbyes.
  • I do find it unnatural to keep using the person's name throughout a conversation and I tend to use it for greetings and goobye mainly.
  • If I know the person I probably won't ever use their name unless I am trying to attract their attention. If its business then I will use a persons name mostly on greeting and saying goodbye or if there is a group of people and I specifically wish to talk to one of them.
  • I have learned to use sentance structure that avoids name use... I SUCK at names and spend 3 months calling a really cool coworker "exit buddy" (because we kept getting exit duty together) because I could not remember her name. I called her recently to ask if I could use her as a reference and after hanging up had to call her back because I needewd her last name, in my phone she is listed as "cindy exitbuddy"
  • Greeting and Goodbyes, and usually only Greetings. Using names sounds too personal.
  • beginning and if i have a point to get across or something important to say...i'll say their name to make sure they're listening just in case. ;)
  • I usually only say someones name in a conversation, when I am being serious; or would like to be taken seriously. I hate when someone says my name with a lot of meaning for no reason. I don't know why, I guess I just don't like for someone else to use my name with authority!
  • No, unless I want to draw his/her attention.
  • Yes i do. On the contrary i think it is polite and friendly to do so. Too often though, may be annoying.

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