• Linux is the OS MS word is an application and linux runs Word. Load it in the Linux way go to linux site type in support section running MS word
  • With Linux you can run open office; it can be used on both Linux and Windows; It can be used to decifer obfusticed file formats used in windows.
  • Linux is an operating system, like Solaris or Mac OS X. Microsoft Word is word processor like Open Office Write or Koffice KWord. So, asking if you can upgrade from Linux to Microsoft Word is like asking if you can upgrade from a Lotus Esprit to a manual gearbox. If you're trying to ask if you can run Microsoft Word on Linux, then the answer is yes, and Open Office Write is a free native alternative.
  • If you install a Linux system, most parts of Microsoft Office (but not Access) will run under WINE, the Windows compatibility layer for Linux. It used to be that you could check the compatibility of software with WINE at but that database interface is now hopelessly broken and worthless. Bummer. Well, there's a custom Google search available on the site, and here's the link to the WineHQ Word page:
  • ¢! That's a Latin letter "oi" according to this Unicode chart: ␤I can't use Alt-codes because I'm running Linux... but with a Ctrl-Shift-U I can enter Unicode numbers and get any of those 65,536 characters ☺ Here's a list of Windows Alt-codes: Go nuts!

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