• Unless you plan on saving a lot of full-length movies, that's plenty. I think mine is 100 and it's less than half full, even when i have some 15 gigs of music.
  • thats really good for average stuff, you need more HD space if you are planning on working with video, sotring LOADS of mps, or movies..
  • 250 is pretty good being you have to pay quite a bit to get much more if you need more just get an external
  • This might sound condescending, but if you don't know if the hard drive capacity is enough, it's probably enough. I say that because most folks don't really know how much capacity they need until they start using the computer. There's very little risk in getting a laptop with too little hard drive capacity these days, now that external hard drives are so common and so inexpensive.
  • I'm looking at a 500GB hard drive with 4GB memory, is that good??

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