• Absolutely. But they should also remember that oversimplifications are dangerous. There are 300 million Americans, with many different levels of ignorance, isolationism, and xenophobia. Don't lump us and we won't lump you (well, maybe...)
  • Naw, we'll save their butts AGAIN, when the time comes. No hard feelings.
  • Yep..we are ignorant, isolated, xenophobic, arrogant, supercilious, condescending, rigid mindset, no knowledge of or concern for the rest of the world. We Americans need to be worried as well! :(
  • Is this a desription that could have applied to Hitler and company in the late 1930's?
  • Well, it's not all of America....but enough, I guess. Or, if not enough, then just the right parts.
  • I'm shaking in my boots.... What Europeans believe this? may I ask....this one dosn't.
  • I think there are some americans that foreign nations should worry about, there are some ignorant xenophobes and such...but there are some that aren't. Wait, that means that we are like the rest of the world in that some people here do things and some do not. We have verying viewpoints...uh-oh
  • I'm American, living in Europe, and yes I believe that would be a dangerous thing. I do know many Americans that are not ignorant, isolated and xenophobic. But the overall image of the US needs some serious public relations consultation. What happens in the states directly affects the rest of the Western world, and it would be advantageous for those in power to recognize that and think of the world and how they could bring positive results for everyone instead of just their wallets. My two cents.
  • Be afraid. Be Very Afraid.....
  • Oh, how the Europeans forget Yugoslavia. While thousands of civilians were being murdered, Europe's NATO forces tried to intervene. They soon found themselves captured and TIED to trees as "human shields" to stop the allied planes from destroying the enemy. Europe neither had the GRIT nor could they agree upon how to solve the problem over several months. At the world's request, the USA entered the fight. Within 6 weeks, negotiations that later lead to a divided Yugoslavia eventually brought peace to the region. As for the "charge" of manipulating events in Eastern Europe, (in the comment section) Western Europe has no one to blame but themselves. They will (& have) sat back only to watch it unfold as they feel it doesn't concern them. (but how they whine when they are inconvenienced by it) They have turned their back on their neighbors, as is their custom. They FAILED with Yugoslavia miserably and if they are NOT trusted to solve a problem on their own continent, it's NOT without reason. To often the USA is the "last hope" for peace, and will UNDOUBTEDLY be SCORNED FOR IT. (we always are) But hard feelings. Somebody has to step up to the task...and we've had the practice. (this is in response to Prunesquallor comment since it wouldn't fit in the comment section) (and which he has now I look like a ranting fool) HAHAHAHAAA
  • I don't believe this,(UK) :o)
  • I didn't realize we are that isolated from the rest of the world. As far as being xenophopic, all Americans aren't but all Americans are wary of some foriegners. To me, it's only natural after 9/11. No, we are not ignorant either, didn't know Europeans all thought that either. Maybe the new Pres. will but an end to all this, or maybe it will get worse in the eyes of the "Euopeans"
  • Your question is _not_ bogus, although i see you've recanted. Except for the UK, who suck up to the American president, Europeans are worried about where the U.S. is going. This is why Barack Obama was greeted and cheered by an immense, enthusiastic crowd when he spoke less than two months ago in Germany.
  • No worries here. I used to live in Europe for 3 years and knew about this thing. My 2 cents.
  • How many cultures, LEGALLY allowed in, do we have? What, maybe, some of each culture on the earth? Do they have anything to worry about? When was the last time we attacked Europe? World War II? When was the last time a European country attacked another European country? A few days ago? The hell with Europeans and their bigotry. We need no PR for ourselves. We are the single greatest country on the face of this earth. In 230+ years America as dragged the world from slavery and poverty to riches and freedom on our coattails. In 230+ years, we have done what the oh-so-sophisticated Europeans were unable to do in a thousand years.
  • Yes. Just look at the horrible policies of the last seven ignorant, xenophobic years.
  • i'm english and i like you guys i dont think we've got much to worry about you're more trust worthy than the european nations.
  • I am European, who ever said such a thing? We are only viewing America as a nation in momentary trouble and we are worried. It does not affect our high esteem for the country and it's people. A good doses of public relations with Europe would be very helpful to again be the best of friends. Best regards.

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