• This is funny, right now I smell something like burned toast and a few minutes later hubby smells it... there is no burning toast.
  • My mom has an amazing sense of smell. It pisses me off sometimes. I'll walk in and she'll say, "You smell." But to everyone else I don't. By the way, I had just taken the dog for a walk.
  • I inherited clogged sinuses that persist pretty much 11 months out of the year. I don't notice when *most* smells are strong (good or bad). What's strange is that I often pick up on faint smells others miss...usually very faint ones that are "out of place" like electrical smoke anywhere or vanilla near an assembly line.
  • i have got a clogged sinus during most of the winter..well its a boon if ders a garbage car going right in front of you..who wants that smelly pokey nose
  • Yeah. I can tell you when milk is going to spoil the next day and stuff like that. My parents always used to use me to tell them how long they had before a food spoiled or to locate smells in the house.
  • Yes. I was born that way, its a kind of condition I suppose?
  • Ec's nose knows yo...
  • Yes, I have always been able to smell something when no one else could. Like at the dry cleaners, i could smell dirty clothes and tell you which bag it was comming from, or i could tell you when a press cought internal fire before there were any signs or anyone else smelled it. My boss told me i could smell a gnat fart! LOL. I sometimes smell things and nobody else will ever smell them.
  • while my mother was going though chemo/radiation treatments, her smell was almost like a dogs.
  • It's weird a couple of times I have smelled something really strong, and my sense of smell will go up for a time period after that. At that time it will be stronger than others.
  • Nope, its just the opposite. My wife is always asking me if I can smell this or that but her smelling is alot better than mine.
  • Yes. I smelled something burning coming from my sons room, a few years ago, but I couldnt find it, my family thought I lost my mind, they didnt smell anything, a couple minutes later, I found it, the outlet behind the dresser, was arcing electricity inside and burning, I stopped the house from burning down, we were just on our way out to eat dinner.
  • Yes and yes. One of my professors in college gave me her explanation for that. It was just her guess, but I think it had some basis. Both of us had poor eyesight. Having a strong sense of smell actually made up for that. I think she's correct.
  • Yes it does! I also have acute hearing too. Any ideas why?
  • Yes I can smell when we are in the country the smell of the monour they put on the fields miles befoe anyone else can ...
  • My sense of smell is zilch. The only person who has a very strong sense of smell in my home is my three year old. he smells it atleast 2 mts before the waft reaches us.
  • My classmate has this "dog nose" problem, he can smell garbage a mile away.
  • I used to have a very acute sense of smell, but now it is fading.
  • I admit I do tend to pick up smells others usually don't notice it until I tell them.
  • Yes ... as a nonsmoker who teaches breathing exercises (self defense & health science) I tend to notice smells & sounds that others do not.
  • Yes it is! I smell like a dog as well. I have actually sniffed out two electric hot water heater fires in my lifetime. I can associate certain bad breath smells as to what there cause is (i.e. a sore throat ). I also smell stuff strongly that other people can't smell at all.

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