• How would that be dishonest? Sneaky maybe. Devious maybe. How is it dishonest?
  • In some places that's a crime known as... I think it's known as entrapment. It's allowing or enticing someone to commit a crime or misdemeanor and then punishing them for it. I'm not sure if downloading the file is either but if it puts someone on a watch list it is certainly considered entrapment according to the law as it stands in the state of New York.
  • Yes, I think it is. People could download it simply because they're curious. Those who come up with that sort of methods to create "criminals" should be arrested, in my opinion
  • If the people who put the copy there are the same people investigating whoever looks at it then, yes in my opinion it is dishonest. But in reality if someone wants to get hold of that manual in order to train with Al-Quaida they probably wouldn't pick it up from there anyway; they'll have their own contacts....
  • I don't know about dishonest, but we're constantly being told that to defeat your enemy you must know your enemy. So why should anyone in the US be investigated for wanting to know their enemy?
  • No, I think it is wise, they arent investigating for the little things, just profiling, to see if you could be a possible terrorist. His university informed police, the one he was doing his research for.
  • no. i suppose it's the same as any other sting operation law enforcement uses. they just put the bait out there and see who bites. being the sick puppy i am, i think i'll just have to look this manual up! ;) lol! i sure hope it's in english! it's probably mostly bogus info like the anarchists cookbook. i really doubt they'd put it up in its entirety. but i am curious to see what's there ;)
  • The US will do whatever it wants to then tweak the definition to fit its actions accordingly.:) Honest or dishonest in this country is a an illusion.
  • 1]Nottingham University has said the downloaded material, by the student, was relevant to his terrorist tactics research as a master student. 2]The Nottingham University was the one who informed police about the downloaded material. 3]The material was downloaded from an unblocked US government site. If the student is told to do a research, he then downloads the material from an official site and then is accused by the same University who requested the research it would seem to me that the University made a terrible mistake and is trying to avoid problems with the law. I believe the problem behind all this is that the student is of Middle Eastern descent. It has been a dishonest attitude by the University who should have assumed full responsibility. The US Government should have the site blocked to avoid downloads or copies of the material which should only be for reading purposes if any.
  • I think it's treasonous to put the un-Patriot Act in our laws and allow warrantless illegal spying of American citizens along with detaining prisoners with no due process.
  • I just think it is fitting for this administration....if you can't find a problem....make it up....
  • I point out that while the US put it up, it was the UK who arrested/investigated him.
  • Yeah. Honestly, when I read this I became kind of curious to read it. Not because I have any intention of being a terrorist, just because I think it might be interesting to see just how terrorists think and operate. Also might be a good safety precaution. If we knew what to look for, maybe people wouldn't be so freaked out all the time about the entire thing.
  • you guys all really have an issue with this? I don't think it's dishonest. You guys that claim it is are forgetting one key fact...YOU DON'T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT. If you do something that is potentially illegal or that might get you put under surveilance, can you really get mad at the surveyor when YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT ANYWAY? If you have nothing to hide download away and don't get paranoid. If you are already paranoid don't do it. It's like any other crime. The tools to commit the crime are always at your disposal, if you choose to go through with it, don't be shocked if you get in trouble doing it. Do you get mad at teh police for pulling you over if you are speeding? The speed limit is posted and it's know that if you are doing it you are wrong, but you do it anyway and think it's the police officer's fault? WHO CARES THAT IT'S UP THERE FOR THE TAKING? If you take it and get in trouble...shame on you, not the gov't.
  • Let's see..entrapment/setup/sneaky/invasion of privacy. What else is new? That's what they do..that's how they operate. the last 8 years what have they done that was honest, open, above-board, intelligent, fair and honorable? I'm waiting....:)
  • Well, you're telling them it was the university, I think it's be more important to clarify that it was in the UK. *shrug* We can't really argue about time stamps, because somehow even your comments on this answer are stamped before I posted, but I did not write this answer to be a smart ass. When i posted, I didn't see any comments.

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