• The basics of canning is that you take a vegetable or fruit add different ingreidents (vinegar, spices , sugar and such and then put the product in clean sterlized jars and following guidelines you must water bath the jars for a certain time to kill any bacteria. There is entirely too much information so go to your local bookstore and get a book on canning so they can take you step by step through the process. mr Bill
  • Canning is done to preserve food. High acid foods, such as tomatoes can be canned by the water bath method. Low acid foods have to be pressure canned. The addition of acid to raise the PH level is done in order to make foods safer to can. Jams and jellies rely on added sugar to preserve them. You will need jars with canning lids, a large canning pot, a jar lifter to remove jars from the hot water bath, maybe a pressure cooker and a good book on the canning process to ensure food safety. One of the dangers of canning low acid foods is botulism, which can be deadly.

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