• How old is your boyfriend and what is going on in his mum's life? Could it be that she is lonely and wants him around a bit more to help her with that? Sounds like you are having a tough time and you see the time with your boyfriend as a release from the worry and sadness. Perhaps when he goes home he seems a little dragged down by sharing your worries and his mum thinks if he were with her he wouldn't get down? There are all sorts of reasons why his mum might want him to spend more time with her - perhaps you could go over to their house sometimes and both keep her company?
  • I'm in a similar situation. My boyfriends mom never leaves us alone. She's always checking to see what we're doing and it's really annoying. I would suggest asking him about it, or bringing it up somehow. Don't make it a big deal, and don't say anything bad about his mom because that will probably make him upset and defensive. Hope everything goes okay.

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