• 20 years younger at my current age..NO...they would still be in school, 20 years older..unlikely unless they were something special. If I was alot older than I am now then yes to both..I would date older and younger. If I was younger than I am now then yes to if I was 18. Age is irrelevant most times but relevant at other stages in your life. Ok that last sentence was a bit rubbish in how I explained it.
  • well at 25 i had a relationship for 1.5 years with someone who was 46. I had a 2 week relationship once with someone 23 years older
  • Older? maybe. Younger? no. I feel like I'd rather explore that whole path with someone around my age (and someone mature at that). I cant see myself in a long-lasting relationship with someone so much older, and I highly doubt we'd have the same needs and , for me atleast, would feel more like a parent-child/teacher-student relaitonship. But hey, it works for some people.
  • not younger, it would make them as old as my kids, older i dont think so as they would be as old as my parents. id rather be with someone around my own age.:-)+
  • When I was 19 I had a thing with a 36 year old woman and it was great. I also learned many things - primarily about sex :-) I'm now in my 40's and I still think back fondly. +4
  • 20 younger, right now, I would end up in jail (and rightly so) I *have* dated men 20 years older than I. That was 10 years ago, though. For me to date a 53 year old, he would have to be pretty spry. I would not be against it, though.
  • I dont think I could date a 21 year old, that is my sons age. I could date someone 20 years older, if they were the type of person that I was looking for.
  • If I was single, I might have a relationship with a 63 year old man but I do not think that me and a 23 year old guy would go over very well. If I wanted a son, i would have given birth to one.
  • My husband is 16 years my senior. We have a wonderful, stable relationship based on trust and friendship.
  • It isn't possible for somebody to be twenty years younger than me, so I'll go for older. Hmmmm. I don't think so. Thirty six. I'm not sure what I could have in common with him. Or how comfortable he would feel going out with a sixteen year old. I mean, it's legal and everything. But not exactly encouraged. I think my dad might have a few...concerns. But when I'm a bit older, who knows.
  • I dated a guy who was 18 years older than me. I was 18 years old. I got a beautiful daughter from our brief relationship, only to watch him run away.
  • I am 31 and I had a relationship with a 20 yr old. I have taught him alot:):)
  • I would! I always dated somebody who was much older than me
  • Well 20 years my senior would make him 63 and 20 years younger would make him 23,if I had a choice from both then let me lie in my bed alone
  • i have, it was weird. he wasnt as smart as i 31 year old b/f is far more wiser
  • Junior would be an infant for me, so no. However, I have had relationships with men 10 - 25 years older than me and have enjoyed them. The maturity is something I appreciate and enjoy. Although, I prefer personally keeping it around the 15 year mark... In reading your comment Moto Arena, I do agree with your point. Very few people know of relationships I've had outside my 'age range'.
  • anything over the age of 20 cant be too choosey at my age .But nowt over 60 hee hee hee
  • 20 years might be bit out of my range, but i dated a girl 3 years older than me for a while, and still am =) You're right though, totally, older women just seem to be more fun too! (I'm 24, she's 27).
  • I've done so before and you're right... it was pretty good. A fine wine matures with age ;)
  • technically no...i like my specific age range...however...the guy would have to be a mighty big exception...for me to date him and for him to be 48 years old.
  • I would date some one 20 years older than me, but not 20 years younger. I'm just not attracted to 5 year olds in that way..
  • I would much rather be with someone who's had more experience with everything.. knows how to look after themself.. and me :)
  • There are a lot of issues here to consider. When you're young maybe older, and when your older, maybe younger. Also if I were 50 and my wife were 30-35, I would not want kids at that age. Sex and companionship also come into play. If i were 85, sure I'd want a 65yo woman to take care of me, but is it fair the same as is it fair for a woman at 30-35 to want children and the older husband at 50 not? Example: My cousin and I are the same age, 60. He married a much younger woman, had 3 kids from previous marriage and 3 more with younger wife. Meanwhile, my kids are grown, married and I have Grandchildren. He's still raising kids and I'm enjoying my Grand-kids. The fling can be short-term.
  • When I was 19, I had a lover who was 24 years older than me. I learnt many things from him - mostly about life and a lot about sex too :) But to answer your question, I would not do it again. Not now...I'm too old for all of that now.
  • my s/o is 19 years older than me, so yes.
  • My first mar was two younger when I was 20, last one I mar was 9 older, lasted 29yrs til five yrs ago. Cancer don't pass up the chance. "there's enough of it around we can all have a share". hope not, but facts are facts. I'm 64 now, last fall thru early summer this yr I had a nice looking slender lady of 29 that came over solely for sex three to five times a week. It was just wonderful for both of us. UNTIL I caught her stealing from me. Out she went. Right now, I'm looking for a woman of mid 40's to 50's to spend the rest of our lives together. Any thoughts? I've been around with more than I would admit, learn something from each one. Hopefully, they learn a few things from me to make their lives and sex lives better too.
  • your heart has no eyes!

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