• I doubt it! There's many strippers who love taking their clothes off. It turns them on. Why do you ask?
  • I danced in 2002 & I HATED it. The men were so scuzzy in there but generally, the women don't mind. If they are stupid enough to hand us their $ for NOT getting laid, then that's cool. I have never been shy about nudity, but when the OLD men or the ones who are in strip clubs for a reason (BUTT-UGLY!) & want a lap dance...UGH!! That was the most degrading money I ever made & the hardest. It's not easy to pretend that you are turned on by some fat ass loser wanting a lap dance, but that is the only way to make $ as a stripper. On stage, when they throw the $1 bills at you, you are up there for a set of 3 songs & have to tip the DJ $1 per song. If you don't do any lapdances, then you walk out broke because I had to pay $35 per night just to dance as a house fee. I didn't hate the men. They were just being men...I hated the job.
  • They wouldn't be in that line of work if they didn't like to please men. I daren't say they'd be employed for too long if they took that attitude.
  • No but if they don't keep the correct mindset they can spiral down into depression and not only end up hating men but ultimately they could possibly end up hating themselves...I know many women who have stripped for years to no ill effect but I have also seen a "nice" girl change overnight-It is a very diffacult job and it will take a lot out of you...
  • I can make someone a Mai-Tai and not hate drunks.
  • i did it and it made me realize just how pathetic men are. i don't hate them, i just hate that they come get lap dances and watch naked women dance and go home to there wives and lie about it.
  • I guess so. I hate strippers too.
  • About as much as cooks generally hate diners?! ;-)
  • The love the men and their money.
  • Well....I'm a 43 year old professional, male. While on business in a foreign country I asked the hotel manager where a "safe" bar was located. I was directed to a taxi who took me to a very clean looking club. I had never been to a strip joint and had no idea what goes on in them. I walked in, and being Italian and fairly goood looking, the higher end girls came running. Any way....that's how I met my eventual wife. Now, let me give you the inside scoop. Most of the women who strip are married or have long term boyfriends. Those that don't are lesbians or are wrapped up in themselves. My wife, by age 25, was purchasing two homes and fairly stable. No drinking, the girls usually have water or juice, NO DRUGS, she is very much against them, and raising two kids. To answer the question, most despise the men who frequent the clubs!! My wife will not let me near a club because she knows what goes on...most girls will give sex for a price and I get my offers when I do enter a club. These guys are generally pigs. They have no respect for women and that manifests in the club where their true side comes out. They treat women like objects, gleam with delight at the small kiss of a boob or hand sliding up a crack, it's disgusting!! And, yes the strippers hate it. My wife said they tune out all the comments and touching; I have seen that million-mile away stare as men throw money at them, make absurd proposals, etc. Sometimes I still see it at home as my wife confuses our true relationship with her profession at times, especially if not really into sex at the moment; totally detached. The strippers tend to become disassociated from men and sex; this is difficult at home. Their bodies are a tool, sculpted and shaped to maximize revenue. They lose sensuality and sexuality as a result. Their breasts are not for feeding a child or sensuality, but for feeding some lony dudes needs. My wife and I get along well in our private life, but I was the first man in her adult life to treat her like a human; a gentleman. However, because of the bagage she carries, I would not marry a stripper again. I know what she has done in the past, I know what her first intentions were with me, and although very secure in myself, it's difficult. I would say I have a love relationship with her 80% of the time, and 20% of the time I hate her because I didn't know until after the wedding what truly goes on in strip clubs. 90% give sex for money, even the married girls. They are VERY materialistic and are used to cash on hand at all times. As time takes away from their looks the club owners pull them off the stage; they are then left to seek drinks and give sex until they hit the whore house level. Now; why do they get to that level? Most have little support at home and need money, it's simple. It's also a trap.

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