• The BBC television license.
    • Anonymous
      I agree.
  • There are some things in life you hate spending money on but at the same .... Definitely travel insurance
  • Hate is a very strong 4 letter word! I remember when I first got sick and was homeless waiting for my disability case to go to court and had NO income! We were gifted a $25. Wal-Mart gift card for Christmas that year and I truly did hate having to spend any of it on distilled water for my breathing machine! Especially when I was so depressed I wanted to die anyway! But if anyone out there is feeling that way just hang in there! Whatever is wrong will pass in time and you can do it! It will all be worth it one day! Trust me!
    • Anonymous
      Yes, it comes around so quickly: like money going nowhere.
    • mushroom
  • Nothing I don't need!
    • Anonymous
      Hard time understanding you ansa. You like paying for everything because you do not buy what you do not need, right!
  • Text messages, which cost the company nothing. Cable tv, of course.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Cellular carriers pay the satellite company $1.5M/year for bandwidth. If you don't want to go through them, you can launch your own satellite for about $64MUSD, but unless you are going to send a lot of text messages, that's not going to be a practical cost to you.
  • Way back when, there were pay toilets in Wildwood NJ. They didn't last very long.
    • Anonymous
      Go over What a liberty, I know..... jump the barrier! lol
    • Roaring
      There is risk crawling under the door
  • I always ask when I find hair in my food. "Does this come with the meal or do I have to pay extra?"
    • Anonymous
      Eww! Flatly refuse to pay next time. You did not put it there yourself,
  • Electricity bill...
  • Anything that was always free in the past but now there is a charge for. As you said, the shopping bags should be an example of that but I hate that so much of the trash on the street is those damn bags.
    • Archie Bunker
      And remember when the plastic shopping bags were the "better" alternative to paper bags? Cause we had to save all the trees....
  • Nowadays I just bite the bullet. When I first moved away from home I (irrationally) resented paying for fruit, when before apples, pears, cherries, plums, damsons, greengages were there in the orchard for the picking (in season of course).
  • Other people's mistakes.

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