• #1 - if u go to this link it will give u ALL of the codes for pokemon diamond. Or u can type Action replay codes and it the site code junkies will come up then ckick on it on it and go to the code/saves tab and it will come up with game titles then go to the one you desire and it will list all the codes. #2 - Yes it can mess up your game. Dont overuse action replay on any game take it from me i had everything on my pokemon diamond game and then i used action replay one too many times and my game pixelated and is now unusable. #3 A bad egg is an item in the game and can be used on pokemon do raise a stat.
  • i would recommend you not get a bad egg... ugh it corrupted my game. you can get one by entering a code 'catch other people's pokemon' and then throw a masterball at Cynthia's milotic.... it will say that bad egg is caught and then it'll freeze up. and i didn't save or anything but when i turned my game back on it came up with a blue screen that said it was corrupted... it was like it had short term memory loss. it wouldnt retain new info. that is why bad egg is a bad idea. and btw, my game is working again after 3 months.

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