• If he isn't very tall I have seen onsies for toddlers. The problem is most of the are snaps which he will be able to open. This may also be a sign that he is ready to start potty training. Does he only do this if he is in time out. If he does it even when having fun he may not like the feeling of a poopy diaper. Is there a way to fasten his shirt to his pants. Maybe with childproof diaperpins. Or if he only does it when he is in trouble then you may just have to watch over him during his time out. I know this is a drag.
  • Maybe you should focus on the poop going in the potty instead of his diapers! A child this age does not poo and pee out of spite or anger. It would be a GREAT thing to spend some time reading about your child's development to understand why he does what he does and what he can understand, it will go a long way, best of luck.
  • Get rid of the nappies and put him in little pants. He won't like the feeling of being wet or poopy and you can introduce the potty. He could be doing it because he can't come out of the room so have a potty in the room too.
  • I cut off the feet on his sleeper and put it on backward with the sipper to the back. it stopped him from smearing poop all over the wall and floor.
  • Have you potty trained him yet? this is a sign that he wants to be potty trained. he's ready.
  • usually when kids take off there diaper to poop is because they are ready to be potty trained....give him some new cartoons characters (his favorite ones) boxer shorts.....and tell him that his little friend sponge bob (for example) is not going to appreciate him pooping on him.....that is what works in my family... Good luck!!
  • It's Potty Training TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! YEYE lol Start taking him to the bathroom when he does this! My daughter is an Elmo i got her an Elmo Seat and some Elmo Underwear and forget about it.. SHe is still not fully Trained but she wont get her Underwear wet!.... So try getting him a Fav character Seat and Underwear!..Don't Stress him about the poopy on the Floor it is a GOODDDDDDD thing!!!!
  • Let him do it and then redirect him, its better than him clinging to the diaper. It's a natural process that will lead him to potty train.
  • It sounds like he is aware when it is coming in time to get his diaper off. He doesn't like the squishy feeling. Get him a potty and teach him what it is for. He is ready. By the way, a two year old may be the most annoying creature in the world, but he doesn't have the ability to think in terms of spite or anger or getting attention yet. He is still a baby. Be careful of that pattern of thought, it is a straight line from attributing adult thought patterns to a baby to child abuse. Keep reminding yourself, he is a baby. He isn't capable of thinking that way yet. His thoughts are still very simple. He is thinking, "Uh oh, here comes that stuff again that feels uncomfortable and squishy and itchy, better get my diaper off so it doesn't stick to me." That is as far as he is thinking. A two year old will go where he can get some privacy to poop, and his room is probably private. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WITH YOU.
  • duck tape his diaper
  • just put something over his diaper that would make it hard to take off
  • Why is a 2 year old still in diapers? Back when cloth diapers were used toilet training began around 12 to 14 months most all were fully trained by 18 to 20 months. Diaper companies like to keep a child in diapers as long as possible as it is more money for them. They promote the idea to allow children to train themselves sometimes going until they are 4 to 6 years old.
  • Put a baby potty in his room.

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