• probably not -- why waste the time - other than awesome sex
  • No. In fact, I never dated anyone except my husband. And then I married him. And I love it that way.
  • No, because that would be just an utter waste of time, energy, and above all, emotions.
  • I don't know, right now, I am in that stage of my life where I am not exactly ready to settle down, I am working over to that point.. But to overlook what could be, is just wrong in my opinion, why be alone when you can be with someone and gain more perception in the thing that is the opposite sex. I have dated quite a few men I wouldn't marry, and for me there is nothing wrong with that.
  • If I didn't want to get married yes, and if I did no.
  • Wow...I don't think that I would..but that's because I am looking for a life partner. It depends on you & what you want: if you're looking for just a friend, or not getting married, then he/she may be the one for you. But if you're looking to marry, he/she may be the wrong one...
  • Yes, because i really do not want to get married
  • i dont think you could even call it "seriously dating" if there wasn't the potential to end up marrying that person
  • no, it seems pointles to me then your just setting you and that person up for heartbreak
  • no there are just to many feelings involved. but i am married so i don't have to play that game anymore!!:)
  • depends on where the man is with himself... if he's looking for commitment then yeah he's gonna avoid meaningless relationship.. but if he's messing around then yeah ofcourse
  • no, it'd be pretty pointless to do that...
  • I have no intention of ever getting married again so I have to answer yes..doesnt mean I wouldnt love to be in a meaningful relationship, just means I want to do it without a contract :)
  • No because I'm looking for my mate and I can forgo all the corporeal pleasures since I am looking for a real soul mate and when that happens, the experiment in love begins.
  • Sure, just because I don't plan on marrying them, that doesn't mean I couldn't still have every intention of staying with them. Marriage, to me, is largely a trivial afterthought. If I ever were to get married, it would either be because my partner wanted it, or as a form of "Insurance" so that one of our deaths wouldn't leave the survivor/s any worse off than they had to be. Other than that, I have no qualms whatsoever about carrying on a serious, long-term relationship with someone without marriage ever even entering the picture.
  • No it would just be a fun date....not too serious:)
  • I think a big part of dating is getting to know someone. If getting to know him means I know I would never marry him then it would be hard to continue the relationship.
  • Sure only because I will never waste my time on a marriage again.

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