• I have found that opening my mouth and saying what is on my mind is the only way to say what I want to say. Unfortunately there is no polite way to criticize a person. Of course there are decidedly impolite ways to do that, which may include vulgarity and attitude. Honestly is sometimes painful - however honesty is always less painful than dishonesty.
  • You don't.You either accept a person as they are or avoid them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You ever think they have empathy and feel how most people suffer in life?
  • 12-17-2016 You must remember that she does not have an attitude: she is merely living according to laws of the universe. She has all the crap she can stand without you complaining to her. If you can't take that then you just don't be home when she calls.
  • Is she worth having as a friend? If yes then handle it. If not then you don't need her as a friend. I think the only thing you can do is try to change the subject and be more positive yourself. A lot of people you meet will be om the negative side so you need to learn to deal with that - you can't have just what you want all the time. Maybe you should be more positive yourself instead of waiting to get it from others?

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