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  • you should probably break up with her last year? definitely dude... that kind of thing wouldn't fly for a day if it ever happened to me, its wrong. If she has the right to be that social then she should allow you to be just as outgoing with other girls. Besides, its wrong that she treats you like a dog.
  • That is so typical of a person who is controlling another. Set standards for them and not have to met them herself. So many people do this especially young women. It's all emotions and games they play. Don't be a fool....move on and find someone who has a check on their emotions and is sensitive to your needs and feelings not only hers. She sounds like a kook.
  • Your girlfriend hugs random guys, and shows more excitement to them than to you. You so much as look at another woman, and she physically and emotionally abuses you. You're not the one who's too controlling.
  • Find someone who doesn't play childish games.
  • She doesn't treat you how she wants to be treated... Kick her ass to the curb. It's not you who's controlling...Sounds like she's the one with those issues.
  • She's projecting. Find another girlfriend who understands herself better.
  • Tell that bitch goodbye and find yourself a girl you deserve...
  • you must be young because all that sounded very immature. and yes, i'd be jealous too if i were you. She's not being cool!
  • find another girlfriend
  • It's pretty much unanimous. Dump her, but nicely. It is probably a good idea to look for a better type of girl, too. If this kind of thing happens to you again, it's more than likely your problem because you are choosing not-very-good ladies.
  • Dump her but tell her why, she sounds like a bunny boiler in the making and the world could do with less of them.
  • simple, if she wants to scream some guys name and give him a hug thats ok, but when she slaps you there is a problem. next time she slaps you, slap her back... of course she might be a little stunned thinking "she has never done that before." she will eventually stop being your friend because she cannot control you like she can with other people. if she thinks you are controlling she has a problem, after all she is the control monger around here
  • dump her, it shud b equal, if she can look so can u if u get jelous talk to her about it and ask her not to be over the top wen she see's him
  • Dump the bitch. That way she can always do what she wants. Then look at all the girls you want to.
  • Move on...
  • totally agree with the above! "move on" and gl :)
  • Sounds like a match made in heaven You both need to grow up but if you want my advice move on it don't sound like much fun to me. Next girl treat he as a friend not as someone you own. Chow
  • You both sound immature. Your way of retaliating against her way of greeting other men is to check other girls out? That's mean and manipulative. Meanwhile she doesn't greet you with the same enthusiasm she greets other guys and gets angry when confronted about her behavior. Sounds like neither of you respects the other.
  • I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do-that's your call. But first things first. If anybody--male, female or both, bitch-slap me, I have no doubt in my mind that I would get physically busy with him or her or it. I am 6'1" and 190 pound lean. I can deliver some serious ass whipping if anybody try to put a hand on me in that manner. But I would get rid of that woman in a heart beat if there are obvious indications that things could get to that point. I have never hit a woman in my life and my words are not in any way to encourage such a thing; for I'm against it. But I believe in my right to defend myself. You don't want to get hit-then keep your hands to yourself or go and punch a tree. I would have no use for tha woman whatever.
  • The entire things sounds, to me at least, like the two of you feed off one another and it is a rather co dependent relationship for all the worng reasons. But that is based on just this example so... As for what you should do about it. Well only you can answer that as you cannot, nor should you ever go into a relationship trying to change or alter anyone for any reason. Love them as they are or find someone who you can love the way they are?
  • This is what Anton LaVey calls a "psychic vampire" in The Satanic Bible. They manipulate people and plot how to get their loved ones to do what they want by sending them on guilt trips and being friendly long enough to get something out of it, and sometimes they do it so much that they don't even realize it anymore. Drop her like a bad habit, and do it fast.
  • sounds like shes the controlling one.
  • Dump her. You have no control over others... PERIOD. If she exhibits behavior that results in some kind of deal breaker, then leave. If however you can tolerate her behavior because she is a sweet piece of ass, then don't worry about it, at least you are banging her, and that is the coolest thing about your situation. TM
  • walk away. there is no reason why she should be able to be as jealous as she wants, slap you and call you sh*t. Come on, if a man did that he'd be in jail. Just cus she's a girl, donesn't mean she can. ick. females
  • Doesn't sound like a relationship to me.
  • it seems to me your girlfriend is trying to use reverse psycology on you and she is really the one being controlling I think it is time you give her a dose of her own medicine when she makes a comment let her know thats how she makes you feel if she wants it to change then she needs to change herself if she doesn't maybe thats not really your girlfriend, do onto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • you're not going to change her, she's looking for drama. Safe yourself some frustration and get out of that relationship.
  • Date someone normal.
  • Tell her goodbye. She's nuts.
  • tell her relationships are supposed to be equal. you get out what you put in and love is a two way street. sit down and have a heart to heart conversation. lay out the things you do to hurt each other and brain storm on some solutions to resolve these matters. also, i'm a little concerned about the slapping.
  • make like a tree and get the F*** out of there
  • Oh just leave You must be exhausted
  • Stop dating her.
  • Yep, just get rid of her!
  • She's a hypocrite. Dump her. Do you think things will get better? No. They won't. They will just get worse. At least you found out now instead of later. Would you rather get married to her, have children, and then find out? This is a blessing in disguise. Thank her for teaching you what kind of person you don't want to be with and leave. You don't have to tell her why. She doesn't deserve an answer. Let her figure it out on her own.
  • dump her she's clearly unstable in a real relationship and its not worth the trouble to try to change her cause at her age she wont till shes ready
  • Stop dating children???
  • leave her find a real woman
  • get over it..
  • Do you really want to be with her?Don't be with someone who controls you,that is not love.Love is respect for the other and trust.If you don't have it,it will not work
  • Break up with her. You don't want an abusive girlfriend do you?
  • And you are with her -- why??????
  • Man up and get the hell away from that woman, that's what I think you should do if you don't like your current predicament. There's nothing alse to do.
  • i would dump her, i would never go out with a girl that slaps me
  • i would dump her, she sounds like shes already taken
  • Return the sentiment. Tell her..."You're to controlling and you can't control me as I can do what I want." When she throws her little hissy fit (which she will) tell her that you REFUSE to be controlled & break up with her!!! YOU deserve to be treated with MORE RESPECT than she is treating you & you really need to get her attention & reel her in some. Now, IF by chance, she doesn't change, break up with her & find a new girl who WILL treat you with RESPECT!!! You let this girl continue to control you like that, she WILL make your life even MORE miserable for many years to come!!!

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