• It sounds like she made the first move. and you were not ready for that however it sounds like you care for this girl. I will bet she is just as interested now as she was at first. If your sure how you feel about her now, let her know it's not too late. Revive it by talking to her and telling her and showing her how you actually feel. Good luck Dude!
  • That sounds exactly like what I used to do. I remember I really did and still do even more like this fella I used to pretend wasn't even there. I was attached and I reckon so was he so I kept well away and used to say really sh*tty things about him and I really regret it. I still have the sort of means to contact him but most likely never will-most likely he will not be keen because I never really knew how he really felt about me and probably hates my guts after what I did. Anyway, my point and advice is - talk to her, ask her what is wrong and whether she wants to talk about anything you should know, most of all make yrself approachable and not too b*tchy cos us girls know u guys like to gossip abt which girl has a crush on you. Oh, and don't mention her bf if she has one ;o)

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