• I think that once she marries a citizen she can stay here in the US and after so many years she is considered a citizen.
  • The answer above is probably not correct. If you marry her, she may well be deported, or rather sent out or the country until correct immigration procedures are followed. Your best bet is to have her leave, because there are severe penalties for people who overstay their visa. You will be found out when you register a marriage. My daughter married an Egyptian man in Cairo one year ago, and we have been jumping thru hoops trying to get him over here legally. She should have NOT married him, and brought him over on a "fiance visa", it would have been easier and quicker. You really need to consult an immigration attorney about this to stay out of trouble.
  • Be so careful as to he5r real intentions.
  • Go ahead marry her. As long it is true marriage then nothing wrong.
  • If she marries you, wouldn't she become a citizen as well? I think O.o
  • She needs to go home, get another visa, then when she comes back you can get married. If you marry her she will be deported.

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