• Yeah- its wrong
  • I think it depends on the context. I don't get upset when I hear someone referred to as 'gay' as their sexual preference but it can also be used in a derogatory fashion. As in he's 'A Gay' or "those gays', that's like saying someone is A Black, or "those blacks". In those situations the contexts differ greatly. Things are easily perverted in our language.
  • I agree, let's go back to "fags" so we can further confuse the Brits when we're talking.
  • Only if used in a derogatory sense, but honestly, I would prefer that people use the term 'homosexual', it just seems more correct and polite.
  • You're not big on homosexual rights? You think they deserve less rights than heterosexuals? You're in favour of social class systems? Not cool, dude. I'm not sure I understand what bothers you. Do you mean, you'd rather people say "a gay person" than simply "a gay"?
  • No I don't feel that way and I am glad I took the time to read your comments because I thought you were asking this in a homophobic way. I see now you think it is disrespectful term which is a much kinder reason for asking the question. How about this? It's 2008 a person is a person, let's throw the labels out for good, my two cents.
  • No it doesn't bother me because having hung out in the Village... The things that they call themselves are far worse than anything that the word gay implies... FAR WORSE! it's mild actually...
  • It is not a word I like also. 30 years ago it would mean somebody who was having a good time hence 'gay abandon'. I still find the word synonymous with a period in the 70's where youths went 'gay bashing'. It would be interesting what a 'gay' person thinks

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