• It is from the greek word pornographia literally "writing about or drawings of harlots."
  • Porn is the anglicized or transliterated version of "porne", which is Greek for harlot/whore/prostitute. Other forms of this word include "porneia", which is Greek for fornication, or illicit sexual intercourse (sex with someone you are not married to), and "pornos", which is Greek for fornicator, or someone who is involved in illicit sexual activity.
    • Thinker
      You were correct until you came down to fornication. It was not illicit sexual activity or having sex with someone not married to but it dealt with Paul telling the new Christian men to no longer go to the temples of fertility joining with the temple prostitute goddesses for better crops or herd animals. Paul was telling them going to see these temple prostitutes was putting other gods before the Lord God. Simple prostitution was never illegal. Having multiple sexual partners was never a problem either. You cannot look at these things in 21st century eyes of things as they were then.
  • from some guy who misspelled prom.
  • Literally means "images of whores." By that definition even cartoons and drawings of sexual girls count as porn.

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