• I don't see anything in the upper right corner
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you. I looked on my phone and its not on it so its part of the laptop. Its kinda cool though! You can take one of these pages and draw on it and make notes and then save it!
  • What browser are you using? Chrome, looks different on a phone. So do other browsers. I know mini Opera looks different too. I have not installed it on my phone only saw the image. Are you sure you heard your own voice? Lol 👻.
    • Linda Joy
      Microsoft Edge. I'd never heard of it. I tried downloading Chrome twice and ended up getting Chromium snuck in on me! I don't like it. I don't want to use Bing or Yahoo for searches. I like! And I don't like when they try and switch me without my permission! No, I did not hear my own voice. It was the computer reading my email out loud! I don't know how I turned it on and I didn't know how to turn it off. I ended up closing the page and reopening gmail. In fact it was your email it was reading! I did once record myself speaking to set as a ringtone. Like saying its Bailey, answer the phone, for Chantil I sang Chantilly lace with the pretty face! And for Ali I just chanted her name. But that was my old phone. Now everyone has the same ringing bell like an old telephone. Notifications say "Hello, hello" and I have a few alarms.
    • Rick Myres
      Speaking of ring tones do you play with the sounds on your phone the way I do? Microsoft Edge I removed from my computer. I do not like it. Now I have THAT song stuck in my head. A pretty smile 😀 and a pretty face 💩. Lol
  • it probably canne with your laptop, i dont see one
    • Linda Joy
      Is your m key broken?
    • pearllederman

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