• I don't think it's cute. I think it's bloody ignorant. But I must ignore those airheads.
  • I agree, do they suddenly expect me to change all of my views and philosophies that I've developed over my life because of a meaningless point system? "OMG, I just got a -1! I'd better become an extremist conservative evangelical muslim baptist republican liberal homophobe and start cheating on my wife! Thank you for showing me the errors of my ways!"
  • Stupid people breed too much. You have found your own proof, I see.
  • Stupid people breed too much.
  • I'd like to give them a -2 for their opinion because they gave me a -1 for my OPINION!!!!!!!
  • If the answer that has a down rate was one that was personal and from my heart, then whoever minuses it can bite me! *points to rump* LOL!
  • Oh yes, it's absolutely adorable!!! Gotta love a good "slap on the wrist" when you have your own opinion about something! Don't they teach you in kindergarten that there's no such thing as a wrong answer? As long as something isn't somehow flaggable (i.e. offensive, nonsense, etc), why make the gesture? Oh well, it is what it is. As long as an option is available, people will inevitably utilize it.
  • I will answer this question with my own that I asked a few days ago, check it out.
  • Cute little baby trolls, give them love... they obviously need it! Just wait till you piss off the big dogs, and your whole screen is full of -5's...
  • Oh that makes me mad, I can see not giving someone a point but it isn't like they ran over my dog. Don't take points away. It takes a lot of courage to say somthing stupid. Read some of my old answers, I am downright courageous. :)
  • Yes they are adorable. It doesn't change the way I talk on here though. I do feel mean and powerful I can give away -5 though...I hardly ever do though. :)
  • I think it's funny. Not the downrating, but the downraters. They're kind of like little children who make a fuss, when they hear something they don't like.
  • This morning, I had a -1 with my coffee. It wasn't as good as a donut, but it didn't have any calories!

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