• I can fix many things as I helped my husband build this house, every last part of it. I know each bolt and board and log and screw and wire. Not too sure about the pipes under the house as I don't like plumbing that much. But I do know how to install toilets and faucets and such.
  • I've got tools and I know how to use them;) I've done most of the DIY things around the house.
  • I do fix things round the house, but there are many things I can't do because I am short, and we don't have a ladder.
  • I can fix anything, I was a major tomboy, and took classes like mechanics, carpentry, metals, electrical, plumbing, small engine, etc.. at the Vocational school I went to.
  • yes i do the only things i cant do are plumbing and electrics, all the rest i do myself.:-)
  • I have two strikes against me..impatience and lack of spatial visualization skills. I tend to "break" rather than fix. So I leave that kinda stuff for Jim..he has the talent..he is a great fixer-upper! :)
  • Since my landlord refuses to fix anything in my place, it is up to me and my roommate to get a little handy sometimes. haha.
  • Yes. I cant do the heavy stuff.
  • I'm not the greatest, but if I don't know how, I will do my best to find out. Usually, if I can't fix it, it means we need a new one! LoL!! :)
  • I'm better at improvising, not really fixing, but I don't touch electrical projects.
  • I don't know electrical much. I can install a ceiling fan, do oil changes, brakes, mufflers yadda yadda - but when it comes to the in home projects - I don't do electrical.
  • yes i do, i wont touch electrics or plumbing though.:)
  • For the most part ,yes. I'm pretty good at fixing things around the house.
  • Yes i live alne there fore do all my own diy around the house and im pretty god dam good at it too thanks
  • Yes I am! I always was very mechanical as a child (my father wasnt so my mother always needed me to fix things around the house) and as I get older I dont seem to have lost it yet (my husband isnt very handy himself so again, if I want it fixed then its up to me!). lol
  • I'm great at fixing dinner. Thats about it. I used to depend on my neighbour to help me out with any jobs around the house. Everytime he fixed something in the house, I fixed dinner and sometimes I fixed him a gin and tonic. He spent so much time at my place that eventually we became a very happy couple and have been together for a couple of years now.
  • I am not a lady but I have a wife, and she is really very good at it. We never should underestimate ladies.
  • Yes, I have learned:) I'm willing to give anything a try unless it involves electrical work.
  • yes I am and must say more than my husband...i take my time and all that I do comes right..I love painting and decorating the house...I am also good with electricity
  • Apart from the plumbing and electrics I can do almost anything, had too
  • I'm no plumber or electrician but i try, i got on the roof and blocked the possum holes the other night, they have not got back in!
  • Not too good, that is where I let hubby shine. I am better at just simple things.
  • Yup. AND I do plumbing and electrical work to boot. Actually, I need to try running the drain snake down again and see if I can't figure out what's slowing them up. Again. I also paint and do minor carpentry work.
  • I can tackle most routine things that go wrong. I've even been up on the roof a few times. It's really satisfying to be able to fix things. I admire folks who can do that. When I was 8 mos. pregnant, our air-conditioner went out in August! I was irate and went outside and gave it a good THUMP!! It started up and kept running .. I think I scared it.
  • Can you fix your hair at the beach in your home?

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