• [singing...] I got... too much... thyme in my soup! Take it away, take it away... I got too much thyme in my soup... Potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, quinoa, water, more of everything else? If its tomato based more tomato juice or sauce... If you have enough ingredients just double your batch and freeze half. Small portions defrost more easily.
    • Percussion
      I'll try adding a little tomato to it. It is a northern white bean soup with celery, onion (green and red) spinach, peas and corn and a ittle ham for flavoring. I'll try the tomato on a small portion first. Thank you, I made a whole big batch, yuck, but I'll eat it anyway instead of throwing it out.
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds good! Especially with cornbread! Dry beans or canned? You could always throw in another can if they're canned. Dry beans are going to take a while to cook! You could also freeze half and adjust half. Instant mashed potatoes are great for diluting and thickening soups in a hurry. You could add more peas, corn, spinach and/or celery, if you have it. I don't throw food away either if I can help it! It's too darned expensive!
  • Add more soup with everything except thyme in it.
  • Well, that just goes to show that thyme really does fly (in your soup) when you're having fun. To add more of the other ingredients would be a waste of thyme because thyme is a fickle lover.
  • Put donuts in your soup.

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