• You can throw in another variable - character. Best way to tell the difference bewteen a habit is a person that has been set in a repetative action. An addiciton is something that the body is now dependant on in order to feel normal.
  • The desire to do it or not. A habit is something out of repitition, but an addiction can occurr the very first time you do it. A habbit is not a bad thing (good habit) but an addiction is something you can not control, and most often needs outside assistance or intervention.
  • Habit or Addiction: What's the Difference? by Arlene Taylor It can be challenging to differentiate between a habit and an addictive behavior. One way to do this is to evaluate the outcomes of the habit in your life. Ask yourself, “Are the long-term effects of this habit positive and in balance, or negative and out of balance?” Also, evaluate the ease with which you maintain conscious choice over the habit. Below you’ll see the subtle yet significant differences. A Habit A behavior pattern that: * Tends to be repeated frequently and has become nearly automatic. * Has developed by repetition (practice) or exposure, usually through conscious choice. * Shows itself in regularity. * Reveals an increase in facility and accuracy of performance over time. * Allows an easy, conscious choice. * Results in long-term outcomes that are beneficial and positive to the self and/or others (they outweigh the negatives) and typically are in balance. An Addiction A behavior pattern that: * Has run away with itself or been taken hostage. * Developed through physiologic exposure to a substance or initiation to something that provides a reward plus incentives that may be in the form of stored conscious memories or cues that are reminders of that reward. * Shows itself in escalating frequency. * Reveals a decrease in facility and accuracy of performance over time. * Exhibits a diminished state of easy, conscious choice. * Results in long-term outcomes that are negative to the self and/or others (they outweigh the positives) and typically are out of balance.
  • a habit is picking your nose,a addicition is eating it.Oh my thats disgusting, Cigarette smoking is a habit,when you can't quit then that is a addiction
  • A habit can be good or bad. Just something that may be annoying, but something you can train yourself into or out of. An addiction can be good or bad. But attempting to change the way into or out of it, carries major consequences. Habit: Drinking coffee with breakfast. Addiction: Drinking coffee with vodka with breakfast.

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