• not much
  • In what context?
    • Linda Joy
      I was thinking in regards to people
  • Equality is to treat all objects the same without favoring one over the other. Equity (somewhat simplified) is to be equal to all objects within a group when something is being added to or deleting from those objects.
    • Linda Joy
      I kinda see equity as being fair rather than equal. Like the demonstration of the short medium tall people behind a privacy fence each with one box being equal but equity is what's fair like the tall seeing over with no box medium one box shorty two boxes. Now I'm a shorty, but I never demanded or expected two boxes. I'm more likely to drill a peephole in the fence. But I think equity also has to do with a more fair distribution of assets in that only those who need wheelchairs should get one. Or if you have two of something you don't need another if two others have none. Or only giving insulin to those who have diabetes, that sort of thing. But you simplified it beautifully!
  • Both mean the same thing in English. But "equity" is more commonly used in regard to finance. Thats one reason they say Englsh is not a real language but several languages stacked in a trenchcoat. "equity" comes from Old French "equite" and "equality" from Latin "aequalitatem "
  • This is equality; = This is equity; $
  • They're as different as apples and oranges. "equality" denotes congruency between two or more objects. "Equity" denotes the value of something (usually a single object such as a house that has been invested in).

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