• I knew both parties. She lied - I have no doubt in my mind. She never brought formal charges, just started spreading rumors about him, and because she was a girl everyone assumed it was true. No one ever asked his side of the story. If they had, they would have realized the opportunity never even existed.
  • PEEKSKILL - The woman who reported to police that a masked man tried to sexually assault her Monday morning in a condominium complex off Main Street made up the story and has been charged with a crime, police said yesterday. Cynthia Ruiz, 19, of Peekskill was arraigned yesterday in City Court on charges of second-degree falsely reporting an incident and making a punishable false written statement, both misdemeanors. Ruiz went free yesterday after posting $5,000 bail. She was ordered to return to court tomorrow. Detectives Ralph D'Aliso and Marcos Martinez arrested Ruiz yesterday morning after determining that her story that a masked man tried to attack her around 7:30 a.m. Monday while she walked in the Society Hill II condominium complex was bogus, Detective Sgt. Eric Johansen said. Ruiz started to tell people that she was accosted after she showed up that morning looking disheveled, but police said the more closely they questioned her, the more suspect her account became. Her arrest came after police handed out fliers in the complex with a drawing of what Ruiz said her assailant looked like and warned residents about the attempted sexual assault. "This neighborhood is understandably greatly concerned, and she really owes all of them an apology," Johansen said. Christina Rytelewski, a 24-year-old veterinary technician who lives in the Society Hill complex across from the Beach Shopping Center, said she was scared coming home Monday night. "I was definitely concerned, but it seemed a little strange that no one saw anything because this is a busy place in the morning," she said yesterday while playing with her dog. "But I'm kind of relieved there was no attack." Ruiz told police that the man approached her from behind and threatened her with a knife before pulling her into the woods and attempting to sexually assault her. She said that something scared him off and he ran away, heading east on Main Street. She even gave police a detailed description of the man, including his height, build and eye color. In reality, Ruiz made arrangements Sunday night to meet a man Monday morning, which she did, Johansen said. But she needed to explain to her boyfriend and her employer where she was, so she made up the story, he said. Amina Woodley of Peekskill said the woman's claim tainted an entire community's reputation. "It's very sad that there are people who lead the types of lives that cause them to do this," said Woodley, who works at Peekskill High School. "They need to get attention any way they can. It is also very stressful for Peekskill. Negative news like this is very distressing for Peekskill residents. Negative press overshadows how vibrant and diverse the community really is." Mary Wilson of Cortlandt, who was at the Beach Shopping Center with her children, also criticized Ruiz's alleged actions. "It is a horrible thing to do. I'm amazed to hear she fabricated the whole thing. It's not right to tell lies," said Wilson, 45. Garrison resident Bob Rimm, a 54-year-old chairman of an electronics company, said the woman's alleged actions reflect on a declining society. "Nobody is honest anymore, and people do not bear responsibility for their actions," he said. "What happened demonstrates how the level of honesty has declined dramatically in society." In court, Ruiz stood before City Judge William Maher for a brief appearance. Ruiz sobbed as she tried to explain herself to Maher, who told her to discuss the details of her case with an attorney, once she either hires one or one is appointed. Ruiz indicated she would need a legal aid lawyer. Ruiz also pleaded with Maher not to send her to jail, saying she suffers from anxiety attacks. Maher promised to put a medical note on her records so she will receive treatment in jail if needed. Johansen said police treated her complaint as they would any similar one by investigating it thoroughly and advising residents of the potential threat. "We will continue to operate in this manner," he said. "But if we find that someone's allegations are false, we will file charges."
  • Yep. Horrible horrible story. A good friend spent almost 12 months in prison until the retrial threw the case out of court. I was there at the original verdict and the retrial. The bitch had accused people all over Europe but cases in different countries couldn't be used in court against her. I feel sorry for her as I reckon she had been badly raped, didn't prosecute then tried it with anyone she could tempt to have sex with her from then on. But the bitch put my mate in jail. Sounds crazy dunnit! It's true. I'm a pretty harmless kinda guy but this guy is even more gentle than me. Broke his heart. I have to say that his whole family and a girl stuck by him, and so did his own spirit. He's now a happy father. Hurrah.

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