• It could be that your son is suffering an outbreak of psoriasis: There are many treatments. Common ones for the scalp include coal tar-based shampoos (T-Gel, Denorex) and topical corticosteroid solutions. You should probably see a dermatologist to verify the cause of the condition. Good luck
  • Use a anti-dandruff shampoo
  • take him to a place that does hair
  • Go to Google. Type in 'scalp ringworm'. Click on images. If it looks like this, you got your answer....a dermatologist is needed. If not, try Selsun Blue (the kind with selenium) or Nizoral.
  • He needs to see a medical professional. Have your doctor refer you to a dermatologist. Don't try to treat it without medical advice. We are not doctors here, and you should NOT ask for medical advice here.
  • is dandruff.. go to a chemist and get a safe dandruff shampoo minus harsh chemicals..... many shampoos have bad chemical's

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