• Practice, Practice, Practice The heart of my practice centers around meditation. The format is minimalist and egalitarian. A dear friend recently introduced me to "focusing" which took my meditation to a deeper more present level 'With" difficult experiences that come up. (before this I think i was tuning out certain things. Yoga is the best way to listen to the language and wisdom of the body. Hope this helps
    • ARTICFOX700
      roaring what were those difficult experiences you had, they might be what I have. Ther's a block between being at peace or struggling with it,wish I could feel the healing power of this.
    • Roaring
      intense self criticism. Dwelling on my shortcomings especially my judgements about why I can't seem to cultivate a long term relationship. When I shared one of these hard places with my dear friend, she responded in the language of focusing calling that critical judge a "part" She would say "That part loves you so much it wants to protect you from being hurt again" or someting to this effect, reflecting a way to appreciate or at least accept these "parts" as wanting to protect me. The idea is that the "parts" are not aware of the whole and its inherent oneness or wholeness. On more than one occasion I could immediately feel a softening of the harsh emotions within me, becoming a bit larger than that intense part. I am learning to accept that there is a reason for the existence of these harsh places. The inner storms seem to pass more quickly this way. And on the outside a little more patience for people around me that are harsh and critical.

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