• Try giving him a bit of rice cereal in his bottle .. the formula alone is fairly easily digested .. he may need something a bit more substantial ..
  • well he is in a fast grown period and needs a good amount of nutrtion to keep his development up to speed, but wanting a bottle 24/7 isnt neccessarily normal, if hes actually eating all of it and not spitting it up, i dont see a huge problem with this, but talking to a pediatrician would be a good thing to do.
  • Kind of wedge the pacifier in after you have a good grip while holding the baby perpendicular to you about chest, high. The pacifier should be NEAR not IN your armpit. and pat his butt gently. I heard cereal in the bottle isn't a good idea because they could choke so young, so don't leave him alone with it and keep an eye on him. It will be a rough first couple of months. Good luck.
  • Its obvious that he is hungry put a little baby cereal in his bottle.
  • Omg...u do not put cereal in a 2 month olds bottle...their tiny bodies can't digest that properly yet.. keep feeding whenever he's hungry... eventually his stomach will get a little bigger he'll be able to hold milk in his tummy a little longer and he won't eat as much.. congratz
  • my daughter is 2 months old also, and does the same thing, i felt like i was feeding her constantly, her Dr said it was ok to put a little bit of rice cereal in her formula, you should ask your pedi about adding rice cereal. i know people say babies shouldn't have it so young, but it really doesn't do anything to you baby, I've been giving it to my daughter since her Dr told me to, and she's been doing much better, going at least 4 hours in between feedings...

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